Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there a medical center and pharmacy near the center?

Yes. 4 km from our center, there is a medical clinic in Bałamątek. A GP is there every day. 5 km from the resort, there is a pharmacy in Objazda. On the board at our reception there are also telephones of specialists: pediatrician gynecologists, receiving dentists in Ustka and Słupsk. We also have a solidly stocked first aid kit in case of emergency. Our staff always warmly offer advice and assistance. The nearest hospital is in Słupsk.

2. What if I make an advance payment and my child suddenly falls ill and I cannot use the center?

You can take out individual cancellation insurance, which we encourage you to do. You can also find "substitutes" in your place on holiday resale portals, for example. If you do not use any of the solutions presented, we will look for another available date in the current summer season. The advance payment may also carry over to the next summer season. Holidaymakers are bound by the rules and regulations of the season in which they take up their holiday offer.

3. Is there a fee for using the laundry?

No. Access to the laundry room is free. Please only follow the instructions for using the laundry and take your laundry.

4. How much does it cost to rent a bike?

Bicycle rental is free for our guests. If you intend to go on a planned bike trip, it is good to order bicycles 1-2 days in advance to make sure that the bicycles are waiting for you. We have a lot of them, but less than vacationers. We also have helmets and chairs for toddlers.

5. What if we plan a trip at lunchtime, does we miss dinner?

No. If you register the date of the trip the day before at the reception or in the dining room, our staff will prepare a packed lunch to take with you as part of dinner. You can also, after making an appointment with us, enjoy dinner on the day of your departure, after the house has been released. We do not pay cash equivalent for unused meals during your stay.

6. Is there a shop, kiosk nearby?

Yes. 200m from the center there is a convenience store with newspapers. On the other hand, the resort has a small shop window at the reception with necessary cosmetics, toilet accessories, etc.

7. Is there a bus stop near the resort?

Yes. The bus stop is 30m from our center. In summer, there are a lot of buses to Rowy as well as to Ustka and Słupsk. The exact timetable is available at our reception.

8. Where is the nearest Roman Catholic church nearby?

The nearest church is in Rowy (4km) or in Objazda (4km). Mass hours are posted at our reception.

9. My daughter is a food allergy, she can't eat many products, including wheat bread, milk, butter and chicken eggs, she is on a special diet. What diets do you suggest in this case?

We implement individual diet programs. Please contact us in advance by e-mail (at least 1 month before arrival) with a detailed list of allowed and prohibited products. Ready-made recipes, names of recommended products and tips on where to buy them if they are not generally available will also help in arranging the menu. We strive to meet such tasks, so that the rest of parents of children on diets would be devoid of worries about proper feeding of children on holidays. However, we reserve the right choice of dishes.

10. Are the houses cleaned on their own or by a cleaning service?

We do not provide house cleaning services during your stay. Each house is equipped with cleaning equipment: mops, sweeps, brooms etc. Chemicals are available at our reception. Towels are changed on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For longer stays, bed linen are changed at your request on Saturdays between 8.00 and 12.00.

11. Are the houses equipped with towels and hair dryers?

The cabins are equipped with bathroom towels. Bathroom towels are changed at your request for free once a week, on Wednesdays, between 8.00 and 12.00. Please bring dirty towels to the towels warehouse, there they will be replaced with clean towels. We do not have beach towels. The cabins are equipped with towel dryers and laundry dryers. The cabins are not equipped with hair dryers, hair dryers are rented for free at our reception.

12. It is possible to pay by card at your resort?

Yes, it is.

13. I want to bring bicycles with me, do you have space for parking them?

No. You can leave your bicycles only at the cottage, in the garden or on the terrace with the consent of the neighbor. Bicycle safeguards remain your responsibility.

14. What does the slogan mean that the center is friendly for pregnant women?

December 21, 2009 we have been awarded in the Falvit competition in the category: pregnant women friendly center. We:

  • massages for pregnant women
  • we set individual diets according to the mother's expectation included in the price of standard meals
  • we help to arrange a medical visit
  • if necessary, we deliver for free we have to wait to see a doctor or the nearest hospital
  • we run fitness classes in which, if there are no contraindications for the doctor, pregnant women can participate: aqua aerobics and Nordic Walking
  • we often have price promotions for waiting mums

The soft all-inclusive offer includes all meals and non-alcoholic beverages served at the buffet. The offer does not include the bar and café sales range.